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Some sections of this web site may make use of cookies. Where we use cookies within this site, we use them only for essential purposes, and not for tracking purposes.

Details on our cookie policy and our use of cookies can be found below:

Server Generated Cookies

Server generated cookies are cookies that are automatically set by the web server. These are used to store a what is known as a session variable.

A session variable is a unique ID that is used to identify your connection with the server. It cannot be used to identify you and contains no personal information about you or your activities on this site.

Application Generated Cookies

Application generated cookies are custom cookies that our web application may generate to assist us in providing specific site functionality.

We do not currently use any application generated cookies.

Tracking Cookies

We neither use, nor allow the use of, tracking cookies within this domain.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are cookies that are set within the context of this domain by some external 3rd party.

We neither use, nor allow the use of, of third party cookies.