Our Menu

All meals on our menu are freshly prepared every day. All of our chicken dishes are made using only boneless breast meat.

If you cannot find what you would like to order our chef will be pleased to cook any traditional Indian dish which is not listed on our menu below, upon request. For more information about the preparation and cooking of all such dishes please refer to our 'Specials' page.

Starters & Kebab Dishes

Tandoori Main Meals

Specially selected spices mixed with spring chicken, meat, king prawn, marinated in yoghurt and roasted in a clay oven. Served with salad and mint sauce.

Special Masala Dishes


Medium heat dishes - Rice extra as required.


Fairly hot - Rice extra as required.


Very hot - Rice extra as required.

House Recommendation Dishes


Mild. Rice extra.

Jalfrazi Dishes

Fairly hot. Cooked with selected spices with onion, green chilli, green peppers, ginger & garlic. Rice extra.

Korai Dishes

Slightly hot. Highly spiced and herbed, cooked with onion, tomato & green peppers. Rice extra.

Pasanda Dishes

Very mild. Specially cooked with almonds, sultanas, cream and butter. Rice extra.

Special Balti Dishes

Specially cooked with various spices. An authentic Indian dish. Rice extra as required.

Bhoona or Dupiza

With onion and peppers. Rice extra.

Sag Dishes

Medium, with spinach. Rice extra.

Rogon Dishes

Medium, with tomato. Rice extra.

Dansak or Pathia Dishes

Sweet, sour and hot. Dansak cooked with lentils. Served with Pilau rice.

Biriani Dishes

Specially cooked with Basmati rice. Served with vegetable curry.

Vegetable Side Dishes

Rice, Bread & Sundries

Other Sundry Items

Set Meals

Please call for more details.